David Matthew Brown

Global Heart Leader, Speaker, and Author

David has dedicated his life to live from the inside out. To play on this planet from a place of greatness, inspiration, and expressing his INNER ROAR. He want to share his MESSAGE WITH YOU!! 

David travels the planet inspiring people with stories, laughter, and play. His work is all about the heart. As David says, "Love is not a doormat, it is a love machine that loves to ROAR with creativity, purpose, and inspiration." 

David offers Workshops, Sessions, and Speaking. Everyone needs a heart tune-up. Don't be mediocre, be YOU, be GREAT, and ROAR. Be a ROARIOR with millions of others on the planet today!   

CONTACT DAVID NOW: 323-273-0760

Email: semjase64@gmail.com

Energy Work:
$110 one session
3 sessions $295

Have healed: 

Cancer, Lyme Disease, Anxiety, Depression

David was initiated by Maori in New Zealand and has been doing energy for 8 years.

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